Release Notes for CQL version 5.2

Note: Version 5.2 is not fully back-compatible with version 5.1

The changes in version 5.2 are:

  • The meaning of the . character has been changed from empty square to any square. This was done to make the regular expression> syntax more uniform.
  • The _ character now means "empty square".
  • The any filter has been removed.
  • The move filter now works intuitively when used inside a next [now called line] filter when variations is set in the CQL header. This can be used to much more easily search for themes inside variations.
  • null moves are supported using move null
  • square all now works inside a transform (bug fix).
  • A ray is now a set filter.
  • Certain CQL files used to cause the CQL parser to take a long time to parse. This issue is fixed.
  • The nestban keyword was added to a search in the middle of a sequence it has already searched.
  • move previous now evaluates its filters (that is, from, to, and enpassantsquare) with respect to the previous position, not the current position.
  • New keyword parameters move primary and move secondary.
  • The beginvariation filter is deprecated, because it is the same as move previous secondary.
  • The next filter [Note: this is called line now] now supports the numeric repeat regular expression modifier {} e.g. next (check {2 5}) matches between 2 and 5 consecutive checks.
  • The depth keyword was added to next* [NOTE: now called find] This keyword limits the number of moves deep the filters will search.