// Download Qq-rotations.cql
// PGN output when run on sample.pgn

Find games where a black and white Queen are separated by a single piece,
and where all eight possible orientations of this configuration of queens occurs.
Actually we find games where at least 5 of the orientations occur, sorted by the number
of orientations.

To understand this, suppose there is a Q on d4. Then
     right 1 Q
the square e4, and [
      [Aa]  right 1 Q
will match a position with the Q on d4, and a piece on e4.

     right 1 ([Aa]  right 1 Q)
will be the square f4, and so
        q  right 1 ([Aa]  right 1 Q)

will match a position with
     the Q on d4,
     a piece on e4 and
     a q on f4.

Since this works no matter where the Q is, this matches one of the eight
orientations of the Q and q. Now when we put a rotate45
in front of this, the "right" is replaced successively by northeast, north, southwest, and so on over all    the directions. This gives us all the orientations.

cql(input hhdbvi.pgn variations)
 sort "Number of theme occurrences"
  {rotate45 count
        right 1
            (  right 1 )}