Any PGN game has associated metadata: data about the game other than the moves played. CQL has various filters for accessing this metadata: elo, event, gamenumber, player, result, site and year.

Each of these filters has associated command line options as well to allow for games to be filtered by particular values of the associated metadata. The command line option is the name of the filter preceded by the - character. The option is followed by a range (in the case of numeric metadata) or a string in the other cases.

For example, to limit games to those where Kasparov played, use:

    cql -player Kasparov foo.cql

Note that all Kasparov games can be extracted into the file kasparov.pgn without using a CQL file as follows:

    cql -player Kasparov -o kasparov.pgn -i database.pgn -silent

Here, database.pgn is the name of the PGN database to search.

To extract game 10 into the file game10.pgn, use

 cql -gamenumber 10 -i database.pgn -o game10.pgn -silent