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Chess Query Language (International Computer Games Association Vol. 27 No.4 December 2004

Studies (javascript board)

WCCT10 examples

wcct10.pgn contains over 2000 studies that match the wcct10 theme.
They were selected from the Harold van der Heijden study database version 4.
This was beyond the powers of cql so with help from Lewis Stiller I created a custom program.
The selection was specified as follows:

1. A logical study was defined as having a thematic try that shares about 5 ply. This excludes shorter tries as well as studies where a thematic try exists, but is not present explicitly in the database.
2. There are other definitions for a logical study and they will not be the above algorithm.
3.The file excludes WCCT7 and MZZ studies per the WCCT10 requirements, although those filters are themselves not perfect. It also excludes incorrect (@) studies.
4. For the above reasons the collection is neither complete, nor strictly correct.

Download wcct10.pgn